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Friday, 12 December 2008 15:19
The activity was organized by the Third World Network and aimed to answer questions like "what it the overall global goal?; what are the specific funding and technology proposals on climate?; and what would it take to reach a fair agreement in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the COP 15 in December of next year?".

The place was crowded, as expected, as the speakers were very good and also because the UN allocated a very small room for the activity. Tens of people had to seat on the floor.

One of the speakers was the chair of the Third World Network, Martin Khor, as well as government representatives from the G77 countries. This group is made up of developing countries (plus China) that push for the Nothern countries to reduce their emissions drastically and take on the adaptation and mitigation costs of climate change in the South, and of technology transfer for sustainable development in poor states.

Real World Radio attended the activity and recorded Martin Khor's presentation. He is one of the world's most renowned persons in the struggle against the neoliberal capitalist model, and an advocate for the peoples of the South.

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