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What is the Peoples' Movement on Climate Change? PDF Print
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Monday, 07 December 2009 19:42

The Peoples' Movement of Climate Change (PMCC) is the collective expression of individiuals and organizations around the globe asserting that the solutions to the climate crisis do not lie in the collusion of profiteers, but in the hands of the people.


PMCC believes that the people must have stewardship, access and control over natural resources. We affirm that the peoples' sovereignty over its natural resources must be upheld to address climate change.

Respect for the Environment

PMCC recognizes that the needs of the people and the planet must take precedence over the pursuit for super profits. We stand for the peoples' equitable access, utilization and conservation of natural resources as vital for sustained economic growth and sustainable human development

Social Justice and Human Rights

PMCC asserts that climate change is a social justice issue. Those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change are the least empowered to respond, to adapt and to survive. We believe that the long-term solutions for climate change are not adaptation and mitigation but changing the whole economic framework into one of eco-sufficiency and adaptability.


PMCC upholds the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, requiring mechanism for global inclusive equity. We believe that adaptation efforts are necessary only for temporary relief until global mitigation efforts are sufficiently developed to halt global warming.

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