Land Grabbing in Asia : A Case Study from the Philippines (September 29, 2011) Print
Thursday, 13 October 2011 14:01

The Asia-Pacific Working Group organized in September 2011 a public forum on the issue of land grabbing in the Philippines with Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron as guest speaker.

Ms. Nera-Lauron is a member of IBON International, which recently participated in an international fact finding mission to investigate a case of land grabbing the Isabela province of the Philippines.  The forum was held at the Centre d’études de l’Asie de l’Est (CÉTASE) of the Université de Montréal. This event was organized jointly with the CÉTASE, the Network on Transnational Dynamics and Collective Action (REDTAC) and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in International Development and Society (CIRDIS). You can download the presentation of Ms. Nera-Lauron by following the link below.



Foreign Land Acquisition: Perspectives on Global Landgrabs (PDF of powerpoint)


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